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Get into Sub-Sahara Africa

With more than 50 countries, Africa is highly heterogenous and should thus never be lumped together as ‘one market’, also encompassing language, climate and last but not least economic development. Moreover, access conditions vary significantly from one country and/or trade area to another. This is why we work only in those markets we know best: Cameroon, DR Congo, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Madagascar, and Nigeria. With our offices Tunis we also server projects in Bahrain, the UAE and in Saudi Arabia.

International attention is shifting towards the second largest continent of the world. Indeed the sourcing and sales markets are developing, so are the means of accessing them. In all projects we implement in Africa, the sustainability of the action with a view to land and people is of paramount importance.

Get into MENA

In close vicinity to Europe, countries located in the Middle East and in the North African region are important sales and sourcing partners for European companies. Moreover, political developments make cooperation and mutual market access imperative. Our core-countries in the region are the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. Our work in the North African region has a strong development focus and frequently entails the close cooperation with government agencies for international cooperation and development. Our market expertise has been a great asset to the overall effort of promoting regional stability through economic progress.

Get into Asia

From the world's largest sourcing markets to the fastest growing consumer markets, Asia is in transition at fast speed. China alone has undergone a landslide transformation, today being a significant (if not the largest) donor for developing other countries worldwide. Is my product and/or service suitable? Who is my consumer and/or supplier? Who will buy/sell my product and/or service? Also in Asia, the concept of heterogeneity applies so that we stringently focus on those markets we are well established in: China, India, Korea (South), Pakistan, Philippines and Vietnam.

Also in Asia, the imperative of sustainability is a must, especially when it comes to sourcing actions we are implementing on behalf of European and US clients.

Get into RUSSIA / CIS

Despite continuous turmoil having a profound impact on thousands of European companies doing business with Russia throughout the past ten years, the country remains a key trading partner for Europe. The sheer size of the domestic market offers a vast potential for decades to come. From our offices in Moscow, we assist our clients to reach-out to the whole of Russia as well as to Kazakhstan and to Uzbekistan. Over the years, we helped companies to overcome intricate market access conditions by means of applying a stringent due diligence concept that helped to remedy a short-term planning scope.

Get into South America

The economic situation of most countries in the south Americas has grown in volatility. Most of our projects we implement on behalf of European clients therefore focus on pre-entry market due diligence actions, to sound out the market and to limit the risk. Our experience shows clearly that opportunities for selling and/or buying in selected countries continue to exist and can be exploited if the needed level of due diligence is provided for. Again, we only move on those markets in which we have access to a solid network of partners, that is Brazil, Columbia and Peru.

Get into Europe

The 'old market' is still one of the most dynamic places in the world. Innovation, consumer spending and a highly sophisticated infrastructure typically rewards a market entry project that is often perceived as a high-costs undertaking. We assist our clients – mostly located outside Europe –  to understand the market and its actors following which we may proceed with a market entry action. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) plays an important role for a large share of projects implemented.

Being located in Germany provides us with the advantage of ‘being at home’ in the largest market in Europe. From here, we entertain a sound partner network, literally covering every EU Member State and those closely linked to the EU (geographically or by means of a given market access status).