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© 2019 INFOAID

Capacity building


Export Audits

Performing a similar audit as for the market due diligence with the difference that forthcoming actions will be implemented by the company individually

Target market and partner identification / entry preparation

  • Improve the company’s capacity to identify suitable [new] export markets vis-à-vis the products / services offered
  • Improve the company’s capacity to understand, identify and approach target market partners

Product / service and process adjustments – Certification management

  • Support the company to offer suitable products and services on the selected target market
  • Increase the company’s capacity to adjust its production / manufacturing processes according to the requirements in the [new] target market
  • Increase the certification capacity of the company be means of analysing the operation and the existing portfolio / make adjustments according to the requirements in the [new] target market


  • Capturing the company’s external communication portfolio
  • Improve a company’s capacity to developand use state of the art communication tools vis-à-vis the requirements in the [new] target market (electronic, print etc.)

Intermediaries / national ministries and agencies

Structural support

  • Creating a new intermediary organisation: Statues, membership, service portfolio etc.
  • Analyse the operational structure of existing intermediaries to establish coreareas of intervention
  • Adjust existing / propose new business support structures, services and sources of revenue
  • Create new / consolidate existing [international] network structures
  • Adjust existing / elaborate new [external] communication concepts and tools
  • Introduce adequate ITC tools and solutions
  • Legal advice: Adjust existing/introduce new guidelines for internal procedures, KPI, etc. / preparation and processing of call for tenders etc.

International Market Cooperation

  • Adjust existing / elaborate new concepts for participation in international trade fairs – programme implementation, trade support (see ‘market actions’)
  • Adjust existing / elaborate new member [export promotion] services
  • Create strategic partnerships worldwide, culminating in the creation of formal cooperations and concrete joint projects
  • Plan, establish new or enhance existing foreign commercial representations
  • Lobbying for conducive market access in target export markets / receiving preferential market access status (e.g. EU GSP, AGOA etc.)

Foreign Direct Investment

  • Resource analysis (offer / incentive)
  • Elaboration and development of FDI portfolio
  • Identification and reaching-out to potential investors worldwide
  • External communications