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During a business trip to Kenya back in 2017 we met Steve, the owner of the AFS SAFARI company, who gave us an unforgettable experience exploring the wildlife of Kenya and Tanzania. Of course there are many operators offering Safari tours for those seeking a swift insight into what Kenya is known for: Wild animals in an untouched fauna that most of us have seen on television. Unforgettable it was, but we were struck by the spirit and vision of Steve, wanting to provide a tour service that respects the environment and the people living in it. With little means and know-how on how to offer sustainable tourism, we experienced a carefully planned and thoroughly tour during which ‘small things mattered’: No waste, homegrown food and accommodation that lives sustainability by blending in with nature. This is when we decided to support AFS SAFARI to widen and deepen its portfolio, thus enabling an environmentally and socially friendly Safari tourism. Next to financial support, we offer marketing and business services for free, also reaching out to European tourists wanting to share this unique experience, quietly enjoying the wonderful nature of one of the most beautiful regions in the world.




During the past 10-15 years countless concepts, standards and certifications have appeared on the international tourism landscape, many of them difficult to grasp, most of them beyond the financial means of the operator. Without the support of international donors, auditors and other stakeholders, AFS SAFARI has developed ways and means to offer true sustainable safari tours without international standards or certifications.

Kenya is one of the most diverse countries in the world and it is easy to understand why. Its stunning array of landscapes is hosting a highly diverse natural fauna and flora, also the BIG FIVE (Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Lion and Rhinoceros). AFS trying to protect this natural paradise by means of offering an alternative way of discovering the habitat without causing harm to the environment and the animals living in it. Part of this is the close cooperation with the local people sharing the space with the animals.

Our packages aim at providing our guests with the most unique experience of capturing the most stunning natural spectacle in a healthy and sustainable way. Moreover, our concept makes the difference by inviting our guest to blend in with land and its people. All too often, tourism fails to enable the guests to really get to know the place. Indeed, our partnership based on shared values enables us to provide sights to our guests no other operator can offer.

We welcome friends, rather than paying tourist, friends that have an interest in getting to know the country and its people without leaving a negative footprint behind.

Our safari busses are powered with bio-fuels. Consumables are sourced sustainably wherever possible. Our partner lodges serve home-grown organic vegetables and local meats, reducing transport while offering the best tastes.

Our local tour guides showing our guests the natural spectacle are renumerated above existing standards to create a community of trust and to encourage a culture of responsibility.

We aim a producing as little waste as possible. Waste produced is collected and processed by e.g. returning plastic bottles to recycle plants.

To engage at a wider level, we participate in tree planting, water-tank as well as in local community sensitisation and conservation programmes. 5% of our profit are donated to a partner of trust.



We offer tours bringing you from the capital city of Nairobi to all the major national parks with selected lodges that will serve our guest local and organic food in the best possible settings.

We do not organise ‘off the shelf’ packages but aim at adjusting each tour according to the needs of the individual or the group travelling. Individuals we bring together in groups that fit best in terms of destinations and interest of the participants. Groups of up to six participants are serviced according to their joint expression of interest regarding what spectacle is on top of their agenda. Please contact us with your travel times and preferences so that we can create your individual package that suits your individual needs.

As a niche-operator, we believe in the concept that less is more. We cover three key destinations, serviced from the capital city of Nairobi:


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An unbelievable sight within reach of Nairobi, hosting the BIG FIVE and many more endemic fauna. With an area of 120 square km, the park is large enough to furnish guests with the real safari feeling.


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This park is the largest park in Kenya and in the region with the highest number of wild animals. The park can be reached with our busses from Nairobi in approximately 4-5 hours. In the national park, we cooperate with three lodges that offer local and organic food, some entertaining their own organic vegetable and spice gardens.


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Here you will not only see a large array of animals, but also the magic Kilimanjaro mountain reigning with its 6.000 metres height over one of the most diverse national parks of Africa. Amboseli National Park is in southern Kenya with an area of almost 400 km². It is known for its large elephant herds and views of the immense Mount Kilimanjaro, tangibly across the border in Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world at a spectacular height of 5,895 metres above sea level. Observation hills offer panoramas of the peak and the park’s plains and swamps. Varied wildlife includes next to the BIG FIVE also giraffes, zebras, cheetahs and hundreds of bird species. The western section is dominated by the vast Lake Amboseli, which is dry outside the rainy season.


Our packages are all encompassing, creating a little family each for each trip. If you don’t fil a whole bus, we will try to match the participants as perfectly as possible, based on description of interest you have provided us with to prepare your stay. The group per travel bus will be composed of a minimum number of two and a maximum number of six persons. Larger groups will be serviced as a convoy of busses.

Our international guests will be picked up from Nairobi airport and transferred to one of our five-star partner hotels (details to be provided when wrapping your personal package). If time permits, we take you out for an early dinner that night, to provide for an early start next morning, then the real adventure starts!

Stay with us for 4 nights / Nairobi / Nairobi National Park

Arrival in Nairobi → hotel transfer → dinner (if possible) → overnight Nairobi

Day 1: Departure to the Nairobi National Park | Safari all day with lunch en-route | Dinner in Nairobi | Overnight in Nairobi

Day 2: Departure to the Nairobi National Park | Safari all day with lunch en-route | Dinner in Nairobi | Overnight in Nairobi

Day 3: Sight-seeing in Nairobi all day | Lunch | Fare well dinner and overnight in Nairoi

Hotel overnights: 4

 Stay with us for 4 nights / Nairobi & Amboseli

Arrival in Nairobi → hotel transfer → dinner (if possible) → overnight Nairobi

Day 1: Departure to the Amboseli National Park | Lunch en-route | Safari in the afternoon | Dinner at the lodge | Overnight in the lodge

Day 2: All day safari with lunch en-route | Overnight in the lodge

Day 3: Safari early morning | Return to Nairobi | Fare well dinner | Overnight in Nairobi

Hotel overnights: 4 (2 in Nairobi, 2 in the lodge)

Stay with us for 5 nights / Nairobi & Masai Mara National Park

Arrival in Nairobi → hotel transfer → dinner (if possible) → overnight Nairobi

Day 1: Departure to the Masai Mara National Park | Lunch en-route |Safari in the afternoon | Dinner at the lodge | Overnight in the lodge

Day 2: All day safari | Lunch en-route | Overnight in the lodge

Day 3: All day safari | Lunch en-route | Overnight in the lodge

Day 4: Morning safari | Afternoon return to Nairobi | Fare well dinner | Overnight in Nairobi

Hotel overnights: 5 (2 x Nairobi, 3 x lodge)

For group bookings, the above options can be adjusted upon request.

Please contact us with your ideas and we wrap your individual package!


We try to keep the financial model as simple as possible. Therefore, we offer the following transparent standard rates:

Overnight in Nairobi
EUR 250,00 per night for a single room / EUR 300,00 per night for a double room

Overnight in the lodge
EUR 220,00 per night for a single room / EUR 250,00 per night for a double room

Safari / sigh-seeing
EUR 300,00 per day per person (transport, entry fees, lunch)

Dinner flat fee
EUR 50,00 per person, per dinner (all inclusive, except liquor)

Local group transport


The main office of AFS SAFARI is based in Nairobi, close to the capital airport:

Headquarters Nairobi
AFS Safari Ltd.
Mamlaka Rd, Opp Serena Hotels
PO BOX 22895-00100 Nairobi Kenya

You may contact us in Germany with your request which we will then process nad manage with AFS in Nairobi:

AFS Safari Ltd. @ infoAid Partners
Kastanienallee 71
10435 Berlin, Germany


+49 (0) 30 120 59 14 40




Managing Director
Steve Osara

Steve has been a safari guide for many years before he founded his own tour operator company in 2015. In 2015, he began thinking about what he could do to protect the environment and thus the species living in one of the most unique destinations in Africa. With little things such as waste collection Steve began to offer packages that would aim at avoiding unnecessary pollution. Today, the concept covers a larger array of products and processes that help protect the planet and those living on it.

Steve taking a picture
Steve pondering